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Last week I had Blair Roebuck as a speaker in my digital media marketing class who is a director of marketing science at Valtech. she has over eight years of agency experience and her passion includes personalization, optimization, analytics and data strategy to unleash the potential

Firstly, I was not aware of what marketing analysts are and when Blair started explaining some of the concepts it was quite easy to understand them.

Basically, Marketing analysts help companies and organizations decide which products and services to sell, as well as to which customers and at what prices.

If we see Marketing analyst as a career, it is a creative job where much of the work will be a focus on compiling data to be used in marketing campaigns, it also requires a creative mind capable of exploring insights into consumers. Their role is to study market conditions and assess the potential sales of products and services. Usually, they work with solution architects, developers, product owners, UX/creative, Project managers, account managers.

Now talking about marketing science -it is basically the application of the scientific method and scientific experiments to the solution of marketing problems. It is the field that approaches marketing- the understanding of customer needs, and the development of approaches by which they might be fulfilled.

I also remember Blair discussing the objective and pillars of marketing science which is to achieve a measurable ROI for the clients with a business and data-first approach

The 3 pillars that were discussed in the class was analytics and data, technology and business.

As it is not a field within marketing that I had heard before this presentation or thought of it as a carrier plan . Initially, I wanted to go into social media marketing for my future as I am well aware of that particular field and have more knowledge about it like the strategies which can be applied or the trends which can be followed but after knowing about marketing science and marketing analyst which has opened another direction for me, I might think of changing the field after researching more about this particular field as this is totally new to me and looks interesting as it applies to practically every element of marketing

I personally had not asked any questions but I had a few doubts in my mind which were cleared through the lecture as she went on.

I had a good learning experience at the end of the lecture as Blair has clearly explained how marketing science works and how creative it can be. The one thing that captured my attention was the case study with Rotman school of business that Blair broke down which clearly displayed how the different aspects of marketing science and the varying roles came together to create a strategy for a client.

One thing which I clearly remember from her class was the statement she mentioned at the beginning of her lecture that “I am not anymore scared of data and you shouldn’t be either” which has motivated me a lot throughout the lecture and has bought a curiosity in me to learn more about it.

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